Dexter & Petula Jones – Biography  

Dexter & Petula Jones are ordained minister of the Gospel with almost 2 decades of experience. He has written 5 books in the Soul Mate Series. Titles such as, “Soul Mate or Just Another Date, 1, 2, and 3, The 5 Reasons to Find Your Soul Mate and Marry and Cracking the Soul Mate Code.” Dexter has conducted seminars as well as spoken at many churches. They are considered Singles Relationship Teachers as a result of the call of God on their life for this ministry, what they have learned from their own Life experiences, their consistent diligent study and countless hours on the subject of Relationships and their Series of “Soul Mate Books.”  

He is also the author of such books as: “Hidden Riches of Secret Places, Discover Wealth Hidden In Your Salary, Cracking the Success and Money Code and more.” Dexter and Petula believes that individuals are destroyed in life either because they don’t have the proper knowledge, they have rejected knowledge or they aren’t applying the knowledge they know.

Dexter and Petula makes it their business to present not only biblical truths but also natural truths, laws and principles combined to give understanding to the hearer and reader, so that they will be equipped for success in life, at home, at church, at work and abroad. Presenting practical techniques and strategies to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Dexter and Petula believes that there is a course for every phase of life that can lead one on to success and victory with absolute certainty, and it is their mission to find that course and to present it in a simple form so that each individual can begin to take charge of their own life. To learn more about the Soul Mate Revolution check us out at: www.soulmateorjustadate.blogspot.com              

Your Soul Mate Awaits

The yearning in you is calling for the yearning in your soul mate. The desire in your soul mate is calling for the desire in you. The deep in you is calling for the deep in your soul mate. The longing in your soul mate is calling for the longing in you.