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"Soul Mate or Just Another Date"
 Every person that desires to meet their Soul Mate and enjoy the celebration of love which God has ordained for your life can do so.                                                          
                                                                  Here is the open to you:

* Whether you've been married several times and it has failed.
* Keep ending up with the wrong person.
* Haven't had a date in quite some time.
* Have no clue how to find or be found by your Soul Mate.

There is somehting within you that knows how to attract the right person into your life and enable you to avoid the individuals that aren't right for you. You only need to know what you possess and how to use it. Within this book you will find the amazing Soul Mate Course that is designed to show you the method of how to make the right connection and apply the principles which will lead you to Soul Mate Land. Here are the keys to finding or being found of your Soul Mate whether they are thousands of miles away or right around the corner. This book shows you the missing ingredients that millions have stumbled over and ended up with Just Another Date instead of their Soul Mate. In this book you will learn:

“Both men and women have made finding their Soul Mate more of a job and task than the enjoyment that God has designed for this to be.”

“Individuals have made finding their Soul Mate a rigorous and painstaking effort when it’s really so easy to do.”

• How to know the ideal Soul Mate for you.
• How to attract your Soul Mate.
• The two things that guarantee you success in finding your Soul Mate.
• The Soul Mate Course that will lead you to Soul Mate Land.
• Your Soul Mate is also seeking you.
• 10 Questions to ask to determine whether or not you’ve met your Soul Mate.
• 10 Ways to know if you’ve met your Soul Mate.
• No other person can do for you what your Soul Mate can do for you.
• The Power of Physical Attraction.
• 12 Authoritative Prayers to blast away JUST ANOTHER DATE.
• 12 Authoritative Prayers to ATTRACT YOUR SOUL MATE.
• How God uses Divine wisdom and intervention to bring both of you together in His own way.
Your Soul Mate awaits and this book will take you on a journey which will lead you from singleness to Soul Mate Land. You have to ask yourself, what is it that you want?

1. Do you just want a man/lady in your life?
2. Do you just want a good man/lady in your life?
3. Do you want your Soul Mate?

The 5 questions that confronts most people today are questions and statements which is the difference between finding or being found by your Soul Mate or settling for Just Another Date. Things such as:

* Why can't I find Mr./Ms. Right? 

* What's wrong with my relationship?

* How can I know whether I've met my Soul Mate or Just Another Date?

* What does it mean when there's questions or doubts in your mind about your relationship?

* Is there a Soul Mate for everyone?

There is no need for you to grope around in darkness without the proper knowledge trying to figure out what to do when we have the answers for you. The reason the divorce rate is so high is because individuals are trying to figure these relationship questions out on their own when their are experts that can show you the way. I am a Relationship Expert and I didn't just write this book just to be writing but God has blessed me to find my Soul Mate using the principles and truths outlined in this book. Some Relationship Experts tell you how to find a mate but they haven't found one themselves. At Soul Mates Forever we practice what we teach and God has blessed me to find the love of my life and He will bless you to do the same.

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Soul Mate or Just Another Date / Cracking the Soul Mate Code
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Cracking the Soul Mate Code

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Soul Mate or Just Another Date
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