Our Mission

Our mission at Soul Mates Forever is to inform you about how to find your soul mate through the proper knowledge, instructions and application according to the word of God. We are the Singles Relationship Teachers that can help you on your journey to finding your soul mate or being found by your soul mate. It is our mission to inform and inspire you through proper knowledge and the anointing of the Holy Ghost about how to find Mr. or Ms. Right. As well as how to know when you're with Mr. or Ms. Wrong. In life time is our most precious commodity and it is our objective to lead you to Soul Mate Land so that you will not have to waste time, money and energy in a relationship that is doomed from the beginning. Let us show you how for that is our mission.  To learn more about our mission visit us at: www.soulmateorjustadate.blogspot.com                                                  soulmateorjustadate@yahoo.com  


Your Soul Mate Awaits

The yearning in you is calling for the yearning in your soul mate. The desire in your soul mate is calling for the desire in you. The deep in you is calling for the deep in your soul mate. The longing in your soul mate is calling for the longing in you.

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